Proposed design changes

for Ryde Hospital


Design changes are being proposed for the Ryde Hospital Redevelopment, following feedback from key stakeholders and the local community as part of the statutory planning process.
Several of these design changes would result in positive visual impacts for neighbours, which include;
  • A reduction of the height of the main hospital building by 2.1m.
  • Changes to car parking, while maintaining the number of parking spaces being delivered as part of the project, including:
    • replacing the multi-storey carpark with a mix of street-level parking and additional basement level parking under the new hospital building.
  • Minor changes to the hospital façade, including the material selection and articulation.
  • Minor landscaping amendments.
Further information about these proposed design changes will be available on the NSW Planning Portal website in the coming weeks.
The design aims to better integrate the new carparking with the surrounding environment to minimise the visual impact for surrounding residents.
Click here to read the media release about the proposed changes to car parking.
Artist's impression of the Ryde Hospital Redevelopment